Please give sugesstions djongo,mongoengine,pymongo

Hi guyz/girlz,
I am a bit confused.
What should i use if i want to have the admin dashboard operational with posibility to add/remove data direct from DB and also to be able to use mongo objects with django.

Please any hints,or experience would be appreciated.
Thank you

If you read the docs for the three methods identified in that blog post, you’ll see that only one of them claims to work with the Django admin. If that’s a requirement for you, then according to that post, Djongo is your only choice.

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I thought that there might be some workaround for others than djongo… :smiley:
And mostly interested how other people are implementing djongo if any problems etc… But i guess not many nosql guyz/grils coming here :smiley:

Thank you

No, now that Django directly supports a JsonField and PostgreSQL (among others) offers very robust implementations for JSON support, there’s really not a lot of perceived need for NoSQL solutions.
We had built a couple of implementations in the past, but other than the one specific instance we’re still using, they turned out to be not worth the hassle.

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