Django Template Language


In the the html file I need to iterate though a list of objects passed from to the hmtl by render ( Product_list = Product.objects.all() ) from the object 3 to 8, how this can be done?
{% for i in Product_list %} {% endfor %}


What if you do this slicing before the template gets the values?
I mean, do you really need this job to be done only by the template?

You can do:
Product.objects.all()[3:8] and pass that to your context

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Thanks for the reply.
Before this post I did try it But it did not work. I tried again and this time it worked.
I wonder if there is a way to do it in the html by a custom template tags and filters?


Example from link
{{ company|slice:‘4:7’ }}


Yes that is what I was looking for.
Thanks a lot.

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