problem with displaying objects in templates

this is my function in my

def index(request):  
    text = Homepage.objects.all()
    context = {'text': text,}
    return render(request, 'webapp/index.html',context)

Homepage is my Model name.  text is text field( in that model) that i am trying to display in my html page.

i just want to display what i update from admin. but i am getting this:
In my index.html i am getting:
```<QuerySet [<Homepage: this is my first obj>, <Homepage: this is second text>]>

i mean i just want to display:  this is my first obj  this is second text
but it displayed: <QuerySet [<Homepage: this is my first obj>, <Homepage: this is second text>]>

If you have not worked your way through either the standard Django tutorial or the Django Girls tutorial, I suggest you do so. It’ll show you how to properly access fields within your model and render them in your templates.

If you have worked through either of those tutorials, then you probably want to review the Django at a glance page as a brief refresher.