Django with Vue.js

I want to try using Vue.js in my application. Could you show me a simple example of how to transfer data from a Django model to Vue.js? A small piece of code, please. The simplest model, I just want to see how I can get the data.

Hi there,

here you have a freeCodeCamp video on using Django (with the Django Rest Framework) and Vue:

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I tried asking chatGPT (since I dont know). Maybe this helps:
https://ChatGPT dialog about django and Vue.js

I would like to request that you don’t do that here unless you’re capable of independently validating the response provided by ChatGPT. This is one case where I actually agree with SO and their prohibition on using it for generating answers.

Fair enough. I will avoid doing that again. Even though I think the code looks reasonable. Compared to watching a 2½ hour video above I thought it might be worth a quick try.

I agree with that. However, sometimes “looks reasonable” and “being correct” may be two different things - and one might end up spending far more than 3 hours trying to fix a problem caused by incorrect code.

I don’t necessarily disagree. In fact, I think you’re more right here than my initial response may appear.

I don’t expect everyone’s help here to be perfect, I’ve certainly made more than my share of mistakes trying to help. But when I do make a mistake, I also do my best to fix them.

I guess I would more appropriately suggest that such help be identified with a suitable disclaimer as to how comfortable you are with the suggestion provided. (I will sometimes include a disclaimer in my responses when I’m just tossing out an off-the-cuff idea.)

I did… Look again. :wink:

Thank you for your answer. I am hoping OP will give feedback on how it went

This doesn’t identify your evaluation or comfort with the response. I would be more looking for what your follow-up response said:

That’s the type of information I’d like to see in a disclaimer. Even though you may not have tested or validated the code yourself, it indicates that you at least looked at it enough to say that it appears ok.