How to link Django to vue

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I want to do a project and I want to spa it. How can I connect Django and Vue?

Just have a look here Writing your first Django app, part 3 | Django documentation | Django

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There are generally two options.

  1. Use a full-blown Vue front end and a DRF-backed Django server for APIs only.
  2. Embed the built Vue app as a static JS file in a Django-rendered template.

For any small projects I’d recommend option 2, since you can leverage a lot more of the built-in functionality of Django. Vue can just be dropped into any page so it should be pretty straightforward to get up and running. If you want to have a “modern JS” development experience and still use it in a Django template, then this series may be helpful Modern JavaScript for Django Developers

If you go with option 1, there are lots more tutorials out there, for example, this one: Create Modern Applications with Django and Vue.js - Learn Here


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