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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce my new project, which is a small contribution to the Django community. Django Blogs lists developer blogs focused mainly on Django. Currently there is almost 40 blogs. I have added the initial ones however people already submitted a few.

You can make use of the “Visit random blog” button to maybe discover your new favorite blogger :slight_smile: If you are using RSS reader, you can get all the blogs with RSS feeds as OPML file and import it.

I hope to surface these blogs in the Community section (thanks Adam Johnson for the idea).

If you write a blog or follow blogs that are not present - just let me know and I will add them. You can also submit your blog via the site. If you’d like to spread the word on Twitter - here is my post announcing the project.

And thanks everyone for being part of this community!


Hi, there is now RSS available for the blogs :slight_smile:

Do you know who should I contact regarding including the blogs in the Django Community? I checked the source code and this should be part of the admin for Thanks!

Nice! Could you perhaps add an option to sort by “last updated” and show when the last post was, so we can see it on the front screen there?

Not sure if I understand this correctly. By “last updated” you mean when the actual blog was updated or when its entry on DjangoBlogs was? Thanks.

I meant when the last post was made on the blog, so we could see the ones that have had a post most recently :slight_smile: (I’m thinking it wouldn’t have to be up to date immediately, but if a job could run every day or maybe 3-4 times/day and just check for recent updates … I realise that may be a non-trivial requirement :slight_smile: )

I see. Well you can currently kind of get this info by visiting and seening the blog names of most recent posts :slight_smile:

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Ah, thanks - didn’t know about djangofeeds :slight_smile: