I made a search engine for the Django Ecosystem

I was here a few days ago talking about a niche search engine for the Django ecosystem.

Here is it: https://django.curaffe.com

And a blog post about my rationale for running this experiment:


My goal is to map out the parts of the Django ecosystem such that it fits into my developer workflow. It is highy curated, and I welcome the input of the community here.

Please reply in this thread and I will be here to answer criticisms and questions.

  • Sam

Congratz on the launch!

I noticed the YouTube section is “Coming soon”.

I am already listing some YT videos on Django Feeds - Videos | Django Feeds

Think we could maybe come up with some collaboration? I could create an API/RSS feed for the channels which you could then parse, maybe?

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yes, absolutely. That would be great. Can we DM each other on this platform? I cant seem to find it