Djangocon EU 2024 - Berlin to Vigo without flying

Hey gang.

I’ve set up this post as I try to look at options for getting from Berlin to Vigo, without flying, as I’ll be delivering this workshop here during the event:

If anyone is going along this route and has figured out an affordable way to do it, I’d welcome the comments, as it’s looking incredibly expensive and time consuming.

I get that Berlin is hardly the centre of Europe geographically, but even from Paris it’s a quite a mission.

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I’m only doing the last leg: Girona to Madrid by train, overnighting in Madrid, and then Madrid to Vigo on the Tuesday morning.

It’s more than flying, yes. I’m not sure why that is: they don’t put on enough trains maybe?

There are direct trains from Paris to Girona/Barcelona. (Again expensive relative to flying.)

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I’ve had a look.

I reckon something like this might be plausible.

Because it’s a massive journey, I’d probably want to spend enough time in Vigo and Spain to justify so much time on trains.

May 31st - Jun 2:Travel
June 3-5: could be holiday, or remote work
June 5th - 7th: the conference
June 8th and 9th: the sprints
June 10 - Jun 12: Travel back

What a journey might look like

This was my first pass at figuring out a route. It involves stopping over in Barcelona and Madrid along the way.

Friday May 31st to Jun 1st - Berlin to Paris - sleeper

Night train bookable by OEBB.

Best price was around 105 EUR

Link to Nightjet

June 1st - Paris to Barcelona

Day time train, around 7 hours , best price I can find is 70 EUR

Stay overnight in Barcelona.

June 2nd - Barcelona to Madrid

Day train ~3hrs something like 11pm to 2pm

Best price I saw - 40 EUR?

This would leave the evening free in Madrid

Jun 3nd - Madrid to Vigo

4-5 hours

Best price is around 30 EUR

Total price, one way, just for travel is likely around 300 EUR.

Going back

Something similar. Maybe fewer stopovers.

I’ll try updating this, or linking to a better way to plan this.

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