DjangoCon Europe 2020

As per this tweet, the dates for DjangoCon Europe 2020 are now fixed: It will take place from May 27th-31st in Porto, Portugal. :sparkles:

For those who have not been there before: DjangoCon Europe is a super friendly community conference for Django devs or people adjacent to Django. It takes place in a different European country each year, but the consistent theme has been a welcoming atmosphere and high quality talks. It’s a great opportunity to meet people connected to Django from all over Europe, learn a lot, and (optionally) work with experienced devs during the sprints.

If you’re considering coming there, I can recommend it very much! You can see past talks on the Youtube channel, and look at past photos to get an impression of the event and atmosphere.

The first three days, Wednesday to Friday, are going to be the talks, with the weekend reserved for both workshops and sprints (i.e. working on Django and related projects together). More information will be available soon-ish, please stay tuned! You can look to the DjangoCon Europe Twitter account or the website for updates, though I’ll also try to post important information (venue announcement, Call for Papers, etc) in this topic.

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