DjangoCon Europe Info Session

We will be hosting an online session for potential future organizers of DjangoCon Europe 2024.

The session aims to help those who are interested or may be interested in organising a DjangoCon with the fundamentals, where/who to look for information, and answers to some of their questions. It is going to be a Europe zone meeting, but it is open to all members who are interested.

The session will take place on 25th April at 6pm CEST (Event Time Announcer)

If you would like to join, please fill out the form at the following link:

Call for proposals will be open another 2 weeks after the session. You can read more about how to apply from here: Want to host DjangoCon Europe 2024? | Weblog | Django

Cagil Ulusahin Sonmez,
Vice-President, Django Software Foundation

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