Dockerized Django with Postgres, Gunicorn, and Traefik (with Let's Encrypt)

Hello Django community! I would like to introduce you to a project.

I’ve created a cool project template that you can use as a foundation for your future projects by simply copying it: GitHub - amerkurev/django-docker-template: Dockerized Django with Postgres, Gunicorn, and Traefik (with Let's Encrypt)

The main idea is to solve all deployment-related issues at the initial stage. In this project, everything is built in Docker, launched with Docker Compose, and Let’s Encrypt certificate is automatically issued (you just need to have a domain). The certificate is also automatically renewed. It is configured through environment variables and described how to work in development mode and how to deploy to production.

But the most important thing is the minimalism of this project. It has nothing extra, it’s easy to extend or modify.

Personally, I now use it everywhere I need to quickly deploy a Django website. And it only takes me a couple of minutes to deploy everything in the cloud. Then I just write my Django applications.

I would be very happy if you want to support the project with a PR, an interesting idea, or find bugs and write about it in the issue. Or at least give the project a star :slight_smile:

I really love Django and value the Django community because it’s a really cool product and cool people!

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