email.send() did not finish after 3.00 seconds.

Evaluating: email.send() did not finish after 3.00 seconds.
This error happens while sending mail

This may mean a number of things:
- This evaluation is really slow and this is expected.
    In this case it's possible to silence this error by raising the timeout, setting the
    PYDEVD_WARN_EVALUATION_TIMEOUT environment variable to a bigger value.

- The evaluation may need other threads running while it's running:
    In this case, it's possible to set the PYDEVD_UNBLOCK_THREADS_TIMEOUT
    environment variable so that if after a given timeout an evaluation doesn't finish,
    other threads are unblocked or you can manually resume all threads.

    Alternatively, it's also possible to skip breaking on a particular thread by setting a
    `pydev_do_not_trace = True` attribute in the related threading.Thread instance
    (if some thread should always be running and no breakpoints are expected to be hit in it).

- The evaluation is deadlocked:
    environment variable to true so that a thread dump is shown along with this message and
    optionally, set the PYDEVD_INTERRUPT_THREAD_TIMEOUT to some value so that the debugger
    tries to interrupt the evaluation (if possible) when this happens.

I did all the things correctly
*log in the mail in the chrome (im using linux-ubuntu)

  • gived the correct password
EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'
EMAIL_HOST = '' #If you want later change to AWS or some cloud hosting
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = '*******' #hiiden the pssword for security reason

Did the email get sent? If so, then three seconds for the exchange to complete does not sound unreasonable. It’s only a problem if the emails aren’t sent.

Also noticed - the email host for sending mail through gmail is “” not “”.