Embedding reporting services in django

Like we embed SQL report using report viewer control inside Visual Studio environment for an app, how to embed SSRS reports inside Django framework? Is there any report viewer control available with Django?

Thank you!

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There is no “report builder” as part of Django. I suggest you check djangopackages.org to see what third-party tools may be available that would help you.

I think you misread the question. Not looking for a report builder. I am also wondering if there is a way to embed SSRS reports in Django. Tableau can be embedded with HTML, I haven’t found a similar tool for SSRS, but it may be an option with Power BI and SharePoint.

Yes, I probably did, but the answer suggesting a search on djangopackages.org is still valid. Regardless of what the desired functionality is, that site is the best place to start a search for canned solutions.

A quick search of the SSRS docs shows that it does provide a REST API that could be used to build an integration layer. So the only question in my mind is whether or not someone has already build a Django app for this.