Employee Attendance Management system

Actually, i’ve had a career change and new to this IT field, self learnt and somehow got a job as python developer,now there’s no one to guide me even in inital stages. i was forced to put into the new project that is company’s attendance management system, i want to integrate the biometric device api with my datatbase to track employee attendance and leave, please guide me how to get through this, also in leave category, ive to give permissions to team lead he and manager will approve, how will i able to do this, someone please guide through this process. i’m also putting my all effort hopefully i will succed,

Hi! Welcome to the Django support forum.

What you’ve posted here is a very broad request without enough context for us to provide any substantial information or advice. It’s not even clear to me how Django may be involved with this.

If you’ve got one specific issue or question that currently has you stuck, it might help if we start from that point.

You mentioned that you’re now a Python developer, how much Django experience do you have? What have you done so far with Python and Django?

Actually sir, ive sealf learned and learnt with lot of tutorials. this is my 1st job as python developer, it’s been only 10 days here, they threw me right away into creating the employee attendance management portal for company’ internal purpose. i should be creating this project with django rest framework, where the models should contain employee details, department, whether he is employee or intern(if intern i should create separate table). all i should create and then i should integrate the biometric device for the attendance calculation. i should send all the json details to frontend team.

Ok, so it sounds like you probably have a reasonably good set of requirements and know what you need to do.

If you’ve worked through either the Official Django Tutorial or the Django Girls Tutorial and the offical Django Rest Framework tutorial, then you know what you need to do to get your project started.

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