Error with comments when executing the script

Hey, everybody.
Today I was running the inspectdb script for my mysql database. I encountered an error that throws the exception “AttributeError: ‘FieldInfo’ object has no attribute ‘comment’”.
I am attaching screenshots. The previous version of Django 4.1.3 worked fine in my project. Is the problem on the Django side or not?
Thank you for your attention!

Can you share your FlowType model class, this trace back is not enough to see the actual problem.

Sure, here is my table in Mysql WorkBanch to which I am applying the inspectdb script

I found out that it doesn’t work with mysql-connector-python library = “^8.1.0” and python3-mysqldb(apt packet). With mysqlclient it works

But with both packages I have a common problem - I can’t update and create objects if they have unique or unique_together directives. If I remove them from classes, everything works