Failing Database Schema Test after Cloning Django Project

I just cloned a clean copy of Django, set up a virtual environment, installed the dependencies, and ran the tests, but I am getting the following message on completion:

A quick Google search led me to someone asking a similar question last year, but the info there wasn’t helpful to me, and that user never found a solution in the post.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Do I need to do something to set up the database in a different way? New contributor here, so any help is appreciated.

This is caused by an outdated SQLite version (presumably on macOS)

You can safely ignore it for now.

I have to write up the work-around. macOS’ system integrity protection (SIP) makes it a little tricky/delicate to resolve properly.

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Thanks for such a quick response - I assumed it was some kind of issue like that, but wanted to make sure before I start contributing.

No problem. Welcome aboard! :sailboat: