Flatpages or "pages" app?

Hi, I am new in Django and I have not understand what is the best solution to create static pages in Django? Using Flatpages or creating an app “pages”? Creating an app has the advantage of using CKeditor writing some code in app/model.py. With Flatpages how can I use CKeditor?

Define what precisely you mean by “static pages”.

The flatpages app describes itself as “It lets you store “flat” HTML content in a database …”, which to me doesn’t necessarily imply “static pages”.

If you want to provide for “through-the-web” editing of content, then this is one facility to do so.

Exactly the same as if you created any other app. You can build your own pages and forms to update the Flatpages model, or you can integrate CKEditor with the Django admin.

Τhanks for the immediate reply. In my project folder there is no models.py file. Do I have to create it and paste the code as it is describing here? django-ckeditor-5 · PyPI
Besides, when I say static pages I mean sth like 'about ’ or ‘contact’ Page.
I am looking forward to hearing you