Frontend for Django

Hi, i’m building a web application, like a CRM. I’ll use Django/python for the backend. Could i ask if you think Crispy forms with Bootstrap will be enough for the front-end? Or would i need React etc on top of that? Thanks!

That’s a really vague question. Do you want an SPA? Or will a traditional multi-page application be sufficient? Is there going to be a lot of client-side (JavaScript) required to manipulate the data on the page, or is the bulk of the work going to be done on the server? Who is the target market for your application? Is it for personal use? Internal to a company? For commercial exposure as a licensed product?
Then there are the company-based questions regarding the environment in which it’s being developed. What’s your timetable for completion? What are the skillsets available to your team? What budgets do you have for training if the skills aren’t already present?

Before you can answer the questions regarding tools and components, you need to have a much clearer picture of what you’re trying to achieve as the end result, and knowledge of the overall environmental situation in which this project is being built.

hi Ken, sorry yes, let me add more details …

  • the target is a CRM application for a enterprise customer’s internal use
  • basically it should be a CRUD application … for the search and maintenance and many types of customer related information
  • we had imagined information would be entered and presented on tabs and/or on long pages with collapsible sections
  • whether to use SPA or not is also a question, i’m not sure of the best criteria

A relatively common framework would be ideal of course to find resources for now and for future maintenance, and to allow some standardization for other similar projects.

Seems there’s a lot of advice and information for the creation of consumer oriented apps, but not much on enterprise CRM/ERP/CRUD type apps. Thanks for your help!


For a corporate internal project, I’d be inclined to say you’re going to be just fine with a standard Django application, with just enough JavaScript thrown in to handle tabs, collapsing sections, and other UI niceties.


When I see requirements like that, my first reaction is always “buy, don’t build” - where “buy” in this case is to take a really good look at the Open Source alternatives that may be available.

No matter how tempting it might be to want to design and build your own, from the corporate perspective, it’s generally better in the long run to invest the time and effort to customize a pre-existing solution. (Yes, there are exceptions to that principle - but the key is that they are the exceptions.)

When you factor all direct and indirect expenses into consideration, a full enterprise-quality CRM solution is at least a 6-figure investment and probably a 7-figure development effort in the US. That’s a large internal cost that may be more effectively utilized in other areas.

I’d look really hard for an existing solution that would be “good enough” for your target organization.