Help needed for making a single page application (SPA) with user managment

Hi, i am really new to django and javascript and HTML (it’s a lot i know)
And for my school i have to make a web application in a single page using django as backend.
So to start well, I would like to make a little website with user managment but all in SPA and using the User of django to directly talk to a database.
But i am having a really hard time to make it work (even with AI helping me :pensive: )
So does any of you have maybe a clue on how to do it ?
I will take any suggestion, right now i am really stuck :pleading_face:

En realidad no necesitas hacer mucho para implementar el sistema de inicio de sesion de django solo debes implementar el administrador especificamente debes crear un super usuario

En la consola escribe py createsuperuser


Creating a Django project (SPA or not) involves many steps.
Can you describe what you are stuck on exactly?