GeoDjango without GDAL

Is there another path to using Django with a PostGIS Database other than GDAL? I just can’t seem to get GDAL to work in production.

I’m afraid no,
GDAL is essential for any GeoDjango project as mentioned here:

IMO, your two options are to get your production running inside docker and find any working dockerfile, with all dependencies needed, like: docker-geodjango/Dockerfile at master · makinacorpus/docker-geodjango · GitHub… GDAL in particular is tricky to get running, so it is a perfect used case for docker.

a second option is to go with a normal Django project, to implement anything needed from scratch using GEOS/Shapely/PyProj… (good luck with that)

again those are just opinions!

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Thanks, I did find .whl files and installed GDAL from [](https://Thanks Christoph Gohlke) then I did not have to deal with rebuilding inside docker. It works but seems fragile.