[GSOC 2020] Proposal for Parallel Test Runner

My name is Ichlasul Affan. I’m a first year Computer Science magister student at University of Indonesia. As being discussed here, I am interested in “Paralel test runner for Windows” topic. Currently, I am working on my GSOC proposal. Any feedbacks will be very much appreciated.

I also want to ask some questions:

  1. In my proposal, I also propose an additional topic: “Coverage analysis (coverage.py) integration”. The background of this idea is, coverage analysis shows wrong results when I use parallel testing. I think the main problem is Coverage.py only looks on the main (parent) process. The main idea is to integrate coverage analysis for every child process and merge it back to the main process to show overall result. Is this “optional idea” also part of Django’s concern? Is it worth it to be worked on after I finished “Parallel Test runner” idea?
  2. Based on my initial observation, I am currently not seeing issues other than App registry, setup_test_environment, and database assignments for each process. I would be very much appreciate if someone points me on more issues that I didn’t notice yet.

I am also posted a new PR to give insights on my initial observation: https://github.com/django/django/pull/12607

Thank you,

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Hello all! :smile:
I’m so sorry I didn’t follow up about this for awhile. For the past 2 weeks, I have hard times designing curriculum transitions for full online learning together with my professor, as a teaching assistent for two courses. I also have midterm exam in the past week. So… I haven’t respond all the suggestions either on my Proof of Concept, my proposal, or my current contribution on ticket #31351. :frowning_face:

Now that the transition period is done, I can start to respond on conversations here or on the GitHub. Here are some of the points I have to talk about:

  1. There are new changes in my university schedule. The semester exam will be on June 8th - June 19th. On the previous week (June 1st - June 5th) I will still need to attend online classes. So, I expect I will run on 3/4 or half of my full-time work speed for those three weeks.
  2. Do I need to elaborate more on coverage.py integration for multiprocessed tests? Is there something that folks wish for this new feature? I will try to design my Proof of Concept for this idea in the meantime in different PR.
  3. Is there any points still missing in my proposal regarding on this topic that I didn’t know or forget to mention yet? Any suggestions is really appreciated.

Thank you very much. :smile:

Additional info:
I have created new ticket for feature proposal on Coverage.py integration for multiprocessed tests as ticket #31431. Any suggestions will really be appreciated. Thanks :smiley: