GSOC 2021 Adding Redis cache backend to core.

Hello, I am Girish Sontakke, from India. This is my first time here. I want to start contributing to the Django project through GSOC 2021. I have a basic idea of using Django for backend development and have used it for some projects.
For GSOC 21 I would like to work on the idea of adding the Redis-Cache backend to core, for this, I have gone through the existing cache backend in django.core.cache and explore existing packages like django-redis-cache.
Now I have a question, for implementing this feature which part of the project I should target (e.g. django.core.cache). Any help will be appreciated.

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Girish Sontakke.

The task would be to add a redis backend, similar to the existing backends here:

There was a recent PR adding a pymemcache backend:

This project would be similar in scope.

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Thanks, @carltongibson for this information.
I will follow up on these ideas.

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