Participating at Gsoc 2024

Hi Django community! I would like to express my interest in participating in GSOC this year. There are 2 projects that I’d like to work on: the ‘auto-importing shell,’ which could be a good feature to work on for a newcomer like myself. The second project I am interested in is ‘improving the database backend cache.’ I believe this project could provide me with a deep understanding of how the cache framework works in Django, making it a great opportunity for learning. If anyone has feedback for me on what I need to do, please let me know.


Hi Salvo :wave:
I’ve seen that you’ve already been working on some tickets and submitting PRs to Django, which is great preparation. :partying_face:

I can recommend the blog article by Bhuvnesh which has tips about how he got his proposal accepted to GSOC with Django: GSoC'23 with Django

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Oh haha so just seen that @devilsautumn (aka Bhuvnesh) also expressed interest in mentoring the auto importing shell project (Mentoring for GSoC 2024) :boom:
Maybe @salvo-polizzi if you were to start drafting a proposal, @DevilsAutumn can give you some feedback on whether you’re heading in the right direction :+1:


Hi, can we take an existing ticket that we are working on for gosc 2024? Or can we work on a tiket that has already been accepted?

Usually a single ticket is not considered a project but maybe there are exceptions. I’m not sure. :thinking:

@HamaBarhamou You can propose to add the ticket you’re working on to be included in the projects list for GSoC 2024, However, it dependents on the person registering(or organizers) for GSoC on behalf of DSF if they consider that ticket as a GSoC project or not.

If we are talking about GSoC then, For ticket/issue that has already been accepted (of which we have no clue yet), the next step is to do some research and draft a proposal to solve that ticket/issue rather than directly start working on it (as you might be proceeding with a wrong approach).
Then, you’ll have to submit that proposal through gsoc website to the DSF and if your proposal is accepted, you work on that issue for the next few weeks.

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here’s what makes me think that normally a tikect can be the subject of GSoC :

We’re accepting any GSOC proposal that fits one of the following three categories:

  • Work on Django itself - such as the ORM, forms, etc. This is what we’ve traditionally accepted GSoC entries in.
  • Work on tools to support Django - the issue tracker dashboard (​ is a good example of an existing tool that would have fit into this category.
  • Work on libraries that supplement or add new features to Django to ease development - django-stubs and Django Debug Toolbar are good examples of existing projects that would have fit here.

and if that’s the case, I’ve made enough progress on #34277 and I’m starting with #28821.

So I think it would be easier for me to take part in GSoC, while working on my traditional tickets. :sweat_smile:

Hi everyone I am Aman Pandey, I am also interested in this year’s projects within the django software foundation, projects that intrigued me were Auto-detection of custom migration operations and Add Async Support to Django Debug Toolbar .

Here the link to a first part of the draft of my proposal If anyone wants to give me feedback, it is welcome.

Hi, I’m Iqra I’m new in the GSOC and I’m interested in the following projects which I think I can do Auto-importing shell and Improve the Database Cache Backend and if you want to advise me anything or any reference that how to crack GSOC 2024 kindly go ahead
Thank you

:wave: I’m one of the org admins for Django’s GSoC participation this year. Just wanted to confirm we’ve received your final proposals – thank you for all taking it through :slight_smile:

There’s nothing further for you to do. We’ll be reviewing all proposals internally and confirming availability of mentors. Google will announce results on May 1st at 18:00 UTC.


Hey salvo-polizzi,

Thank you for sharing such information like this, I am also new to Django, I hope this projects will help me to explore Django.