GSoC 2021 Integrating djangobench with airspeed velocity, Quick Guidance

Hi, I’m Muskan
So I’ve been working on and exploring djangobench and its integration with django-asv. I think I have a fairly good idea as to migrating the existing djangobench entirely to ASV and how ASV works. I have been experimenting and building upon David Smith’s django-asv repository. I am now framing my GSoC proposal, before that my question is: would it be prefered that the benchmarking suite with ASV be an entirely new repository/package or would it be prefered that the djangobench repository be entirely revamped.
Also, I think setting up a GitHub workflow and perhaps making the tracking app (the one that asv generates right of the bat) live is a pretty good idea too, so do let me know if Django would be open to having something like that as an addition in a GSoC project.
Just asking to know preference, so I can plan the rest of the proposal accordingly

Thank you
Muskan Vaswan

Hi Muskan.

So there’s two bits: the benchmarks themselves and then how we run and view those.

Part of the second one there is: can we set up the benchmarks so they’re run regularly and see easily what the performance trend is over time.

I’d guess getting GitHub Actions to run the benchmarks periodically would be a good way to go. (I’d suggest aiming for daily. Every commit is nice in theory, but I think possibly overkill to begin.)

I’d try to keep it in one repo myself…

Hope that helps.

Kind regards, Carlton

Thank you for that Carlton, Duly Noted.
I genuinely learnt a lot in simply trying to take this up as a GSoC project, I came in completely clueless and genuinely from one query to another, and just looking into the solution I am quite satisfied with the time I spent on this.

Finally, Here is my GSoC proposal for 2021.

Thank You
Muskan Vaswan