GSoC 2022 - Technical skills & help from mentor


I am a high school student looking to contribute via the Google Summer of Code program and even though I have worked with developers/mentors and with other poeple in a group, I am kinda new to the whole open source contribution process.

I have the technical skills of a web developer, the knowledge of how to develop and maintain a software and a big idea for a feature to add to django, but no experience on working with a big community to support an open source software. I am willing to contribute, spend my time and effort and suggest ideas outside of GSoC too, but do people like me have a chance of getting selected for the program? Is it even worth submitting a proposal now, considering the date? And also if I want to submit, is there a mentor or any other experienced member who I can share my idea with to get feedback, before sharing my proposal to the community?

Hi @TsiantosD.

There’s a page on the Trac Wiki with more details for GSoC:

SummerOfCode2022 – Django

Beyond that, the contributing guide is a good place to start: Contributing to Django | Django Documentation | Django

I’m happy to try and help and review a proposal if there’s time before the deadline.

Kind Regards,