Starting GSoC 2022

Hi all :wave: — time to begin thinking about Google Summer of Code again.

I’ve filed the application for the Django Org, and begun the ideas page here:

Please check that out, and suggest any ideas you have!

Fancy being a mentor? — mostly this is being ready to input on an idea or a PR to help students keep up momentum. It’s usually fun, and not too taxing. :smile: — If mentoring sounds fun to you, please let me know.


@carltongibson sounds like fun! Please add me to the the list of mentors.


You can put me down as a mentor @carltongibson :+1:


Hey, @carltongibson Great Opportunity
I would also like to mentor the folks and help them in their journey add me to in the list :blush:


Hi Carlton, I would like to be part of this team.


@carltongibson One project idea that I’ve come up with would be to make the Django Debug Toolbar compatible with Django Channels / ASGI. It’s a shortcoming of the toolbar that needs to be dealt with eventually, but I haven’t made time for it yet.

It would require some knowledge of Django Channels, ASGI and how the Django Debug Toolbar works.

Expected outcome would be a PR (or multiple PRs) moving the toolbar towards full compatibility with Django channels and async logic.

There’s some old existing work here.

Hey @CodenameTim — Good idea. (Perfect really!) I’ve added it to the wiki page (same link as above).

Nice. :tada:

Hi, @carltongibson would love to be a part of GSOC as a mentor.

hey @carltongibson ! I’m Shruti Pulstya pursuing my engineering in Information Science and I’m interested in contributing to and learning from django for GSOC 2022.
I’d like to contribute to one of the projects mentioned in the ideas list labeled as “Add rate-limiting to core”.
Could you please what do i need to know for the above mentioned project idea?

Hi @shrutipulstya — Welcome! :wave:

The general idea is read-up on the background, get an overview and then come up with a proposal, seeking input where needed on the way.

There’s already some discussion on this project idea here GSoC Proposal Feedback - Adding Rate-Limiting to Core - Django Internals / Mentorship - Django Forum and on the mailing list thread about the original ticket: Ticket #21289 - Login Rate Limiting

Just as a tactical point, given the existing discussion, it’s likely we’ll have at least that application in for that project… :thinking: If you’re particularly interested in that project, then that would show through in your application, but having an eye to one of the other project ideas listed (such as DB Cascades, or per-field instance lookups) might be worth thinking about too.

I hope that helps. If you have particular questions please do open a new topic!

Kind Regards,


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