GSoC 2024 Proposal Feedback: Bring CORS and CSP into Core

Hi all, I had submitted a proposal to bring CORS and CSP into core last year as well, but it didn’t make the cut. This year I have created a proposal for the same topic, with some modifications to the proposed API which I think makes it cleaner.

@carltongibson could I ask you for some feedback on this new draft? Is there something which was missing last year that I can improve on this year? The link to the proposal is - GSoC 2024 Proposal: Bring CORS and CSP Into Core - Google Docs


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Hi @hrushikeshrv — I think it was lack of capacity our end last year I’m afraid. The mentor team looks bigger this year so :crossed_fingers:

I will check over the proposal. But also let me ping @adamchainz, who knows more about these topics specifically.

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@hrushikeshrv I gave it a quick look over. It’s a good proposal. Maybe others can suggest tweaks.

Make sure you do apply! Good luck. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for your feedback!