Is there any specific Django hosting platform service is available?

Anyone can help me with my question…

if you are doing for testing purposes then you may probably go with ngrok, it basically uses your local development setup, and host it in interent. Install ngrok and run the server thats totally what it takes.

But if you are in serious development, then look for Heroku, I would suggest to dockerize the app, and then you can host it literally anywhere

Hope it helps!!

“Specific to Django”? None that I’m aware of.

(<observation>I don’t think I’ve ever deployed Django in an environment where I’d consider it useful to deploy on a “hosting platform”. Every deployment I’ve done has required some control over the environment that a typical hosting platform wouldn’t allow.</observation>)

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Heroku isn’t django-specific but it’s pretty simple to set it up for django, and there’s tons of tutorials out there for that.

It also has a free tier for small projects or prototypes.

you can try python anywhere or digital ocean.

They both have guides to deploy a django webapp if that’s what you’re looking for