How can I authenticate a user who belongs to another database from my other service in django rest framework using remote user authentication?

I need to create two microservices with separate databases;

One to hold user information and the other to hold todo/tasks information. So far, I have created two separate projects with two separate databases,

  1. To authenticate the user using simplejwt authentication. (todo_auth project with todo_auth database)
  2. To show the todo/task information specific to that user. (todo project with todo database)

I need to use;
Remote User Authentication in the - todo project,
Simple JWT authentication in the - todo_auth project.

So the scenario is supposed to be,
once I have logged in using the todo_auth project and,
when I want to list data in my todo_project - by passing the token which i got from logging in in the todo_auth project;
remote user authentication would be creating a new user in the user table of the todo_project - if the user does not exist.

How can I achieve this? Many thanks.

PS: I’m running the two django projects on the same server with different port numbers.