move the authentication system

We are going to move the authentication system and users to a central authentication server.

Currently, the central authentication server is a django server with jwt.

The server that is trying to move the authentication system uses basic authentication system.

I couldn’t find a good reference on how to move to the central certification system. If there is a way to move it, please tell me the direction.

You don’t mention which jwt authentication server you’re using. I would think that the process of authenticating through a remote server may depend upon the implementation. (I don’t personally know that one way or the other, we don’t use jwt.)

Checking I see six listed there - there may be others.

Just picking one as an example, django-rest-framework-jwt, they have a section in the docs, Verify Token, which shows how a remote-to-the-authentication-service service can verify that a token is valid.
If that’s the package you’re using, great! If not, it might give you some ideas of what to look for in your package.