How do I get better in function based views.

I have been learning Django for months but I got to understand CRUD functions in December 2021. I realized I have a long way to go and I haven’t been learning it actively because I’m in school. My question; How can I improve my skills in writing the function based views? Should i read the documentation or continue to watch tutorials. But remember i have built projects when when i understood CRUD functions. How can i learn to write function based views for other tasks or problems? How did you learn to write other view functions which are not CRUD?
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Neither. The best way to learn and improve your skills is by writing more views.

A view function accepts a request and returns a response. There’s nothing special or fancy about how that’s done. Assuming use of the standard Django views, probably 99+% of all your views are going to end by returning an HttpResponse. (I’m including the idea of returning a redirect in this, as the redirect simply sends you to another page to return an HttpResponse.)

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That probably depends a bit of what documentation you have read so far. Generally, the Django documentation is very good and I’d recommend studying it. Regarding function-based views, I found especially Working with forms | Django documentation | Django very helpful.

Besides that, I think that unfortunately function based views are less prominent in the docs than they deserve. Thus, I also very much recommend Django Views — The Right Way

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