Views in django

Hello, Im very new at django and I want to develop the dashboard of a website. I am working at the backend at the moment and I need to find a way to make my graphs work. For this I found many funcitons that I might need in the “views” file of another view of the website and I want to incorperate those in my dashboard so I can use them in the html of the dashboard. How do I do this fast without knowing a lot about django? So to conclude my goal is to connect the “views” file in python with my html of the dashboard so I can use more variables.

Just how “new” are you? Are you just starting out, or do you have a project or two under your belt?

If you’re just starting out, I always recommend people work their way through either (or both) of the Official Django Tutorial or the Django Girls Tutorial. The goal with these isn’t to complete them as quickly as possible, but to understand what you’re doing at each step.

If you’ve done a couple other projects already, then the question you need to figure out is “How is this different?” from what you’ve worked on in the past.