how to add extra data to GET-request

hi there, I have template, and there is a link which sends get-request to my url, is it possible to add some data to this request ? If it is, how can I implement this? Thanks!

If you’re talking about adding a query string to a url, you can just concatenate it to the url being rendered.

no, I can’t use querystring, because the data that I need to send with request - it is really long string (contains html)

Containing html isn’t a problem, as long as you url-encode the string.

What do you mean by “really long”? I believe the “standard maximum” for a complete URL is 2K (2048), but I have worked with a system that allowed for an 8K URL + query string.

But I would say that if you’re trying to pass more than 1K, you’re a lot better off using POST instead of GET.

thanks for advice! I implemented it is as form with get method and I added the data to the hidden input’s value.
But now, I have another problem - how to copy to clipboard this link to submition of this form? I wrote little js-function that copies the full path of request, but now - there is no any data(((. Is it possible to take a link exactly to submition button?