How to auto add detail into parent model in django admin

How to automatically add “componente” in “detalle relevamiento” according to the number of “pregunta” that the component has.

e.g. Based on IMG 1, if I have 4 “pregunta”, I should have 4 “componente”, one for each “pregunta”, as shown in IMG 2.

Im using django-smartselect for filter select options


Thanks !

I’m guessing you’re using an InlineModelAdmin in your model admin class for this.

These are built using model formsets. You can customize the construction of that formset to produce the results you want.
See Creating forms from models | Django documentation | Django and Model Form Functions | Django documentation | Django.

Also, the “per instance” customization of formsets is a topic discussed here previously. If you search this forum for formsets, you’ll find a number of posts on this particular topic that may be of help to you.


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