How to contribute to Django documentation?

Hello everyone! I would like to start contributing more to Django, and in particular I would like to start with improving the documentation.

The improvements I would like to make are more to do with organisation, style and flow, rather than there being any particular inaccuracy.

Where / how can I start a discussion to get feedback on, and ultimately implement some of my suggestions?

Many thanks, Cammil

Hey @cammil :wave:

I am also new to the Django community. I guess this might help you Writing documentation | Django documentation | Django

Also, have a look at this: Reporting bugs and requesting features | Django documentation | Django

Thanks Ashwani.

I’ve found the Django-Developers google group which I think might be better suited to my question.


Hey @cammil i am newbie and looking for first issues in documentation but i don;t know how to start and i have found out your message of asking the same question . Did you get how i can i start with , Can you share your knowledge ??

Regards ,OMi