how to download forums >?/

how to download forums and where can we post it like twitter or other social platforms

Are you talking about downloading the content from here and reposting it elsewhere?

If so, that would likely be a violation of the Acceptable Use in the Terms of Service. (My opinion is that you’d be violating items #5 and #12.)

Also note the following paragraph in the “Your Content” section:

Content you submit to the forum belongs to you, and you decide what permission to give others for it. But at a minimum, you license the DSF to provide content that you submit to the forum to other users of the forum. That special license allows the DSF to copy, publish, and analyze content you submit to the forum.

If you were to copy content written by someone else to be posted on a different site, I think you should request permission from the original author to do so.

Each individual post has the “chain” icon, giving you a link to that post, where you could link to the forum on other sites, but that’s probably about as far as you can go within the ToS.

yup i want to know what for all these forum sites are

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what your question may be, or what information you may be looking for. Can you be more specific, or provide more detail about what it is that you want?

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