Welcoming Nimra and Ralph

We have @nimra200 and @ralphreid joining up for a while via a MLH fellowship.
First off welcome both! :sailboat:

We’ve just had the kick-off call. Following from that, let’s use this thread to cover any starting questions. We can use this, or other threads, or tickets, or PRs as we go forward.

Most important (again): if you’re stuck, reach out :slightly_smiling_face:

Then, let me just show you a couple of filters for the Trac, which might give you ideas

All but one of those are assigned but if you look at the Modified not all are recently updated, so maybe you can pick one up.

There’s 316 matches of those, which is still too many, but if I then filter by component, say Forms…

There’s only 14. Or HTTP Handling…

Only 14 again (coincidence)

And so on… — much more addressable.

i.e. There’s lots of ways you can cut it.

As we discussed, every ticket needs :heart: — spend some time with it, come to understand it, become the world expert, have fun.

But don’t get stuck. If you are reach out, either here, or on the Trac tickets, or on a PR. Either I or @felixxm will see them.

@nimra200 You mentioned an interest in a18y specifically. @thibaudcolas and @tom are our accessibility team members. Check that filter at the top. I’m sure they’re happy to advise on specific issues on the issues there too.

Thanks for joining us. Let me know if you need anything to get you started.

Kind Regards,



Hiya @carltongibson ! thanks for the welcoming! @nimra200 and I are exited to have some fun!:blush:

In our chat you mentioned some super helpful tools. I noted pipx but I did not get the others.

If the others come to you mind, would you mind sharing?


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The others I mentioned were Black, isort and flake8, which we run via pre-commit.

See the coding style docs: Coding style | Django documentation | Django for more info.

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