How to fix SignatureError - Failed to verify signature on Mac?

It worked perfectly on Ubuntu, but I tried to install my development environment on Mac and I encountered a problem with authorization through saml.

On Windows I used python 3.8.5, on Mac I had problems with installing it, so I installed 3.8.10. Application starts, and when I’m going through frontend application, it makes unauthorized request, gets redirection to okta, I fill in my login and password and I get this problem.

I already have libxmlsec1 installed with brew. OS Ventura 13.3.1, M1 CPU django 3.2.9 okta 1.0.2 django-saml2-auth 2.2.1

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Were you able to find a fix?

No, I made a docker container FROM python:3.8.5 and used it as virtual machine for development. Natively I didn’t find a solution