how to pass data to template using reverse?

In my Django app I want to respond to a user form. As it is a response to a POST I use return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('error_report')). I want to pass information to the template, something like HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('error_report', args=errors)) or HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('error_report', kwargs={'errors': errors})) but the failures basically boil down that there is no url for this and that is correct: I don’t want tot transfer the data via a url.

The information to transfer is a lot of information and not something I would like to see in a url. what is an alternative to transferring this information? I can save it to file but that hardly seems to be a neat alternative.

Either save the data in the database or in session (which, by default, is in the database anyway…)

Thanks for pointing me to sessions, I was not aware of its existence.