How to refresh page for new request in Django

I want to receive a request.POST values N times, where N is a number entered by the user. The is:

def valores(request):
    global peso_unitario, preco_unitario
    peso_unitario = []
    preco_unitario = []

    N = a
    print('N=' + str(N))

    for i in range(N):
        form = Form(request.POST)
        c = int(request.POST.get('peso_u'))
        d = int(request.POST.get('preco_u'))

        return render(request, 'valores.html')
    return render(request, 'pacote_m.html', {'peso_unitario': peso_unitario, 'preco_unitario': preco_unitario})

In this code in the end I have two returns, where the first is inside the for loop because I want to receive the values N times and return them to the template valores.html. The last return is in the end, after the for loop will redirect to a new template, this template pacote.html will show the values calculated according to I programmed, but it isn’t the problem.

The template valores.html is:

{% extends 'basic.html' %}

{% block content %}

<form action="page2" method="GET">
    {% csrf_token %}

    numero de objetos={{n_objetos}}<br>
    peso peso maximo={{peso_maximo}}<br>

    <!--- Peso unitario: <input type="text" name="peso_u"><br><br>
    Preco unitario: <input type="text" name="preco_u"><br><br> --->

          <th>Peso unitario</th>
          <th>Preco unitario</th>
          <td><input type="text" name="peso_u"></td>
          <td><input type="text" name="preco_u"></td>
    <input type="submit">

{% endblock %}

My is:

class Form(forms.Form):
    peso_u = forms.CharField(max_length=50)
    preco_u = forms.CharField(max_length=50)

The problem is I can’t get the N request.POST values. I realized that it gets only once the request.POST values, the following requests substitute the values entered before and it will continue in the loop, I realized that the loop is forever because it will request more than N times the values, maybe because it substitute the value entered before.

Your form only has one peso_u field, it doesn’t make any sense to try and retrieve it multiple times.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to accomplish here.

Are you looking to generate a page with N copies of the Form form? (Side note - I strongly suggest you change the name of your form class to something else.) If so, then you want to investigate Django’s formsets.

Yes, I want to generate a page with N copies of the form.