How to show label of Django TextChoices on templates

Hello guys.
I want to show the label of my choices in a template.
This is my model.

class Order(models.Model):
    class StatusChoices(models.TextChoices):
        pending = "pending", "در حال انتظار"
        in_progress = "in progress", "در حال انجام"
        completed = "completed", "انجام شده"
        processing = "processing", "در حال پردازش"
        canceld = "canceld", "لغو شده"
    status = models.CharField(

When I try to access the labels on view everything is fine.

Order.StatusChoices.labels # ['در حال انتظار', 'در حال انجام', 'انجام شده', 'در حال پردازش', 'لغو شده'] # 'canceld'
Order.StatusChoices.canceld.value # 'canceld'
Order.StatusChoices.canceld.label # 'لغو شده'

But when I try to show labels on templates it doesn’t work.

{{ orderobj.get_status_display }} // "canceld"
{{ orderobj.status }} // "canceld"
{{ order.status.label }} // EDIT : it dosen't work and i don't know why.
{{ ??? }} // "لغو شده"

And my question is how can I show labels of choices on a template?

Have your tried the label? {{ orderobj.status.label }}

See also Model field reference | Django documentation | Django

Yes, I’ve tried it but it didn’t work.