I am thinking to make a python/django community in Nepal. How can I talk with officials to open a community.

Hello everyone,
I am full time django developer and a content maker too from Nepal. I have reached a decent amount of audience till now. Many freshers from tech industry and colleges follows me and I also love to work with them. As I am in love with python and django I wanna open a django community in my local area.
How can I talk with officials regarding opening the django community in Nepal? I wanna showcase that this community is officially supported by django itself. Also I have already a page that I am maintaining on my own. But I need some official support.

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Hi @Kushaldotel,

That’s a great idea! Unsure what do you mean by official support, could you clarify?

First, you have define what will be the topic of your meetup and how it should run. Then, you can start to create an event. I highly recommend you to have a folk who could help you. You can start small and improve after. You can ask your current company if you have one (and you have the place) to host the event. Otherwise, you can ask other companies, it’s a good way to do some publicity for them. It could talks or social events running or whatever like django.social for example: DjangoSocial Egypt | Meetup.

You could use the platform meetup.com to allow people to find your group easily, or create a new website. After that, you have to promote it on social media and continue :slight_smile: