I built a search engine for the Django Ecosystem

Hey all!

I am building a search engine to cover the Django Ecosystem. I want something that is narrowly focused and was curated to my workflow when developing in Django.

Google is amazing for a lot of things, but the search results are so polluted with SEO hacks, advertising, and privacy implications that it was time I tried something different.

Maybe you feel the same way?

I would be happy to share here, but I wanted to take the temperature of the room, so to speak.

So, what do you say ā€“ anyone interested to give it go and provide some feedback?


  • Sam

Hi, sounds interesting! I had a similar idea recently but never actually executed it. I would like to try out your search engine.

How do you decide what resources to crawl? Is it a manual process?

It is curated, and that by design. My idea to be old-school and let people suggest links/domains to be added to the index.

I want the curators of the search engine to have total control. They should wear their bias/point of view proudly on the outside. It should be transparent, and any visitor to the site should be able to see what site are in the index. And which ones are black-listed, and for what reason.

I would definitely be interested in at least checking it out :slight_smile: Guess would be also nice to have something similar for Python, because I never seem to find anything useful via Google.

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Iā€™d love to help or provide infra.

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Hey cool. ā€“ Please reach out to me so we can connect properly!