I want to build ecommerce website with django

This is my first time of using the django. and my python skill is not very sharp at the moment and i believe i can improve with time. However, i want to set up an ecommerce website using django and I’m stuck at setting up the sign up page. I have an html page that i want to use for the registration page and the entire project but i found it so difficult to integrate after watching several videos on youtube but i believe i can find help me. I would appreciate your support. Thanks in advance.

Have you worked your way through either the Official Django Tutorial or the Django Girls Tutorial? I always recommend people start with either (or both) of them.

If you have, then start learning about authentication by reading Using the Django authentication system | Django documentation | Django.

You’ll want to read that entire page, but the section I linked to may be a better starting point than beginning at the top of the page.

Finally, you’ll want to read all the pages linked to by User authentication in Django | Django documentation | Django. You don’t need to memorize it all, but you should be familiar with the topics covered to be able to go back later when you need that information.

Thank you Ken. I will start reading the documentation as soon as possible. I’m grateful.

Update: Hi Mr Ken, thanks for the support. I found your recommendations useful and helpful. My project is progressing gradually. Thanks once again.

Hello Ken, Please, I’m having issue to modify the allauth forms template. I want to use my custom template for the form. I have edited the template path in the settings.py : ‘DIRS’: [ os.path.join(BASE_DIR, ‘templates’) ]

Inside the templates folder in my project, I have also added the html page i want to use to override the allauth form template, unfortunately, it is still not working…Please kindly assist me with your suggestions. thanks