Question regarding templates

Following William Vincent’s book on django for beginners. Working through chapter 8-16 creating the newspaper app. In chapter 10-12 we create a template/registration directory for all log in, sign up and password related sites. I understand that we are customizing the already made django sites for password_reset and password_done etc. But, how does our website know to use those sites? I feel I read this portion but I’m lost on the actual explanation.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking about here - but partly it’s terminology. Talking about “customizing the already-made Django sites” isn’t an accurate statement. (I haven’t read his book so I can’t comment on what he teaches when - but you’ll want to get used to using the right words for concepts here.) You’re not customizing a “site” - you’re either customizing views, models, templates, or urls, or some combination of them.

If you’re talking about overriding the standard Django templates, see How to override templates | Django documentation | Django for the docs on that.

If you’re asking about something else, you’re going to be more specific and precise with your question.

You are right i explained super poorly. First time working with django so trying to learn everything.
So, let me know if my second explanation helps.
I create a template/registration folder with the following files, signup, login, password reset, and password change.
I made an edit in django "DIRS: [BASE_DIR / “templates”]

Will this allow all of the django sites such as the log in, password_reset, password_done site format change to what my template is?

The short answer is yes.

Those pages you reference (they’re not “sites”) load their templates from a directory named registration. If you have a directory with that name in one of the directories in your template search path, and your app is before the Django authentication app in the INSTALLED_APPS setting, Django will find your templates first.