Implementation Guide for Django Shell Plus in GSoC 24

I almost implemented the Django Shell Plus which can auto import all models, however I need some guide from other developers. I need to know the following questions:

  1. When the shell will be started it will import all models (including Django’s predefined models). And I will also provide a “–no-model” flag to unset this behaviour. However should I always import the predefined models even when the “–no-model” flag is set or not??

  2. Developers will be able to import various models as another name (e.g. - from app.models import model as mdl). However should they be able to do this, as different names may override previous ones ??

  3. Developers can write custom commands which should be executed before launching every shell. But should I introduce another flag like “–no-custom-command” to resist this behaviour??

These are some doubts that are presently in my mind and I am currently working on the default python shell. However after implementing them for this interface I will start working on ipython and bpython.