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Hi everyone, my name is waheed. I am new to contributing to open-sourced projects and am currently working on #33481 (Clarify remove_stale_contenttypes data loss warning) – Django.

If my understanding is correct, the solution was also provided in the ticket itself. If so, can someone give me advice on the changes that are made

But feel free to correct me if my understanding is not correct!

Thank you

Hello :wave: looks like it but always hard to tell

General steps that help:

  • replicate the issue (perhaps in a new Django project)

  • make a new branch to django with a fix

  • install this against your local project and confirm this fixes the issue (if so yay!)

  • create a regression test in the django core test suite so that this issue doesn’t happen again

  • create a PR with the fix and test (bugs usually don’t need a documentation update)

To quote Carlton: “after you spend a few hours digging into a ticket and looking at the source code, you become the world expert on that ticket”. So, go for it :grinning: you know more than me at this stage :+1:

thank you for replying i will follow the step and update you

to add to what @sarahboyce said, before working on a tiket, you must first make sure that someone hasn’t appropriated the tiket, then appropriate the tiket so as not to do double work.

Hi Waheed.

The link in your post points to ticket 34852 but it says ticket 33481. Can you please make sure you don’t mislink tickets like that you don’t confuse people reading your post? :slight_smile:

i am really sorry i have fixed the link

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what should i do to improve my PR

I express my gratitude to everyone who supported me in making my inaugural contribution.
PR -Fixed #33481 -- Clarified remove_stale_contenttypes data loss warning. by Waheedsys · Pull Request #17707 · django/django · GitHub

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