Integrating Django + NextJS

I am looking to integrate my existing NextJS framework that has my frontend with Django as the backend. I have tried looking online for tutorials but there aren’t any that specifically show how to connect an exisitng NextJs framework with backend.

It depends on some degree on what you mean by “integrate”.

A Django project accepts http requests and returns a response. Those requests can come natively from a browser or may be issued by JavaScript.
The responses can be html, or it could be JSON, or even some other format. (Django doesn’t care)

So there’s really nothing special to do here. Your front end will issue requests and receive the responses. What it does with those responses is up to you.

Basically connecting Django as a backend for to my frontend which is NextJs. I will be using Django restframework for http requests and return response.

Well then there’s nothing special that you need to do.