Interview with Alireza Savand on Built with Django Podcast

Hello all,

Before I share with you the latest episode of the Built with Django podcast, I want to ask something about this sort of update post. Do you (the forum population) consider this post OK to share, or would you say it is too self-promotionny? I love the Django community and the people here, and would hate to be considered a bad actor. Thanks a ton in advance for your opinion.

I have just published the 5th episode of the Built with Django Podcast. In this episode I interview Alireza Savand, the maker of GoNevis. Alireza takes us on a journey of building a blogging platform with Django. On that journey he shares how he learnt to fight spammers and bad actors with ML. We also discuss time based feeds vs AI feeds, learning new programming languages, and hosting your own servers.

Here is the link to the episode if you are interested: #5: Building a Blogging Platform with Alireza Savand