Django Riffs, a podcast for learning Django

Hello, Djangonauts!

The world needs more Django, IMHO, so I decided to create a podcast! This new podcast, Django Riffs, is aimed at beginners to help them learn how to use Django.

I plan to release a new episode every couple of weeks and explore one facet of Django at a time.

I’d love to hear your feedback since I want this podcast to serve the community and help new users understand Django, the framework that many of know and love.

There are more details in an announcement post that I wrote on

Thanks for reading!


I see your latest release was January 31st! I’d love to see new episodes going up!

I’m working on it! It takes time since I’m researching and deciding how much to present. Thanks for the encouragement!

You can probably expect 1 to 2 episodes per month.

Fantastic! I’ve subscribed to the podcast so I look forward to seeing new stuff when you’ve made more! Good work man!